About Me

I fell in love with photography while studying fashion design a few years ago. I quickly began pursuing this passion by assisting and eventually shooting under a well-known wedding photographer which launched me into this exciting industry.
Since then I have started my own company that has taken me all over the country and recently abroad.

I love that I get work with such amazing people. I love even more, capturing those precious, stolen moments. Whether it’s a tender look between a loving couple or the mood of an entire, breath-taking day, I love the emotion a great photograph can communicate.
I am perpetually inspired by these people, I believe each one has a different story to tell and a unique essence to capture. Every shoot is a new experience and an opportunity to create the most powerful and beautiful images possible.

It is an honour to invited into this intimate space, to witness real-life love stories, and to play a role in the memories that my clients will treasure for a lifetime.